Tidel - A New Identity

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Two decades ago, at the turn of the Millenia, Chennai had the rise of an important structure that would change the face of the city. The building would go on to become an iconic landmark and an identity by itself across all fronts and spheres. Today, it is a household name as a landmark, geographical identity and much more. That name is TIDEL.

As of today, TIDEL Chennai is a 15 storied iconic building, rated the single largest in the country, one of Asia’s largest and is a ISO 9001/14001 company. TIDEL hosts a variety of facilities at international standards. The workspace comes with comprehensive facilities that are suited for all major IT & ITES Companies with support services. The spaces can provide and host employment for 12,000 plus IT professionals.

TIDEL was envisioned to be more than just an IT Park. It has been designed with contemporary and state-of-the-art facilities to be a work-friendly, ambient, multi-tenanted, energy efficient, intelligent and fire safe building.

As we embark into 2022, TIDEL embarks on a journey to reinvent itself and continue leading from the front as a growth catalyst not just for the IT industry but for any category. TIDEL as a brand will evolve into a larger entity that creates opportunities across the state in varied sunrise industries with a new identity that brings out the vision behind the brand TIDEL.




The colours blue and orange from the existing identity signify and ensure continuity. The upward arrow is now represented with two forward looking arrows that capture the growth accelerator role the brand TIDEL plays. A logo that will allow the flexibility to use the symbol independently and aid in strong brand recollection.

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Tidel - A New Identity
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